twist_four (twist_four) wrote,

адресант принялся за изучение

от: ***
кому: *** (я)
тема: Группы Галуа
дата: Tue, Jul 29, 2008 at 12:04 AM

Hello, Mr Magneto. You have left for me amusing messages at my answering machine. I am not in Sochi now. I am at home and I have some new fascists. Certainly Sochi is better than my home. There I learned to do green bladders under water by means of hands. A sweet girl taught me it. Earlier I could do it only by means of rectum. Also I was immersed in the Black sea with an aqualung. It was something incredible! I can’t transmit it by means of words. Particularly English words) I saw many sights, but I didn’t take pictures, because my telephone had died by that moment. To be short, why am I telling you about it? After all you know very well that man feel near sea. I hope you have gotten the packing of cigarettes that I gained owing to my enormous efforts. I wait latest news. Probably something has already happened. Forgive for my pennsylvania accent, if there is something wrong. Bye.

P.S. : Sochi the best town that I have seen someday. He is worthy really.

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